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A great gift for the smoker in your life – Printed Design Tobacco Pouch

Are you at a loss to find that gift for a friend or partner, well take a look at some of these useful and neatly designed tobacco pouches? The printed design tobacco pouches have always been a big hit with our customers and the six designs can be perfect for someone that you know.

Ye old stash pouch, say no more, no tobacco kept in here overnight, does he drive a security van, perhaps the jester would suit the “joker” that you know, keep calm and carry on for the laid back member of your circle, roll up roll up for someone who just loves doing that, and for the guy or gal who spends their time meeting like-minded enthusiasts, the VW camper van.

The tobacco pouches feature a neat magnetic locking system and has a lining that will ensure that you tobacco is always kept in mint condition. A convenient pocket for keeping your papers, at the back is a zip lock pocket where you can keep your lighter or some money and the appearance is realistic looking faux leather and is offered by us at just £4.99, perfect for an added stocking filler, or anytime gift.

Printed Design Tobacco Pouch

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