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6 Shooter Revolver Pipe – Mix it up!

Do you like to mix it up when smoking your herbal blends? Then the 6 Shooter Revolver Pipe is for you. As the name suggests the 6 Shooter Revolver pipe has 6 compartments that you can put different smoking mixtures in, perfect for sharing with your friends or if you just want something different.

This pipe is made from solid brass and high quality aluminium giving a strong and dependable pipe that will give you many years of smoking service. The brass compartments effortlessly spin around meaning that you can fill it up at the beginning of the night and smoke till the early hours. Because of the spinning compartments the 6 Shooter Revolver Pipe only needs one pipe screen making it even easier to use!

The 6 Shooter Revolver Pipe comes complete with an Allen key for easy cleaning of the pipe and a handy draw string bag to keep it in when not in use. At just £22.99 each, the 6 Shooter Revolver Pipe is a great addition to your smoking arsenal.

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