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420 Classic Pop Top Jar Write & Erase

We all know that by keeping your herbal mixtures and tobacco safe and fresh is a first important step for a great smoke and whilst some may say that they manage to keep their mixture completely fresh in an old jam jar, this is not always the case. So why take a chance with expensive smoking materials, or for that matter kitchen herbs and spices, when for just a few pounds they can be guaranteed to be as fresh as when they were despatched?

We have a range of excellent 420 jars on offer at our web pages, one example is the 420 Classic Pop Top Jar with the write and erase feature. These particular jars have a rubber sealing bung that enables a vacuum seal to keep the contents fresh. Also, usefully, they feature labels with a special coating that allows you to write on them with a marker pen and erase with a wet cloth, this allows, at a glance, knowing exactly what is in them.

We stock a number of sizes of jars which are as follows: Extra Small – 53mm diameter x 78mm, with a capacity of 89 ml or 5 grams. Small – 60mm diameter x 93mm, with a capacity of 150ml or 7 grams Medium – 76mm diameter x 105mm, with a capacity of 200ml or 10 grams, Extra Large – 95mm diameter x 120mm, with a capacity of 710ml or 42 grams and the “daddy of them all Extra Extra Large – 95mm diameter x 160mm, with a capacity of 946ml or 56 grams.

From just £10.99 you can store safely, in these airtight vacuum-sealed glass jars, just about anything you need to keep fresh such as biscuits, pasta, rice, tobacco, herbs and sweets.

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