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4 Part Metal Sifter Grinder Rasta Style

Rasta 4 Part Metal Sifter GrinderIf you want one of the best affordable grinders money can buy, then you need to take a look at this Rasta 4 part grinder.

Coming in those traditional Rasta colours of Red, Green & Yellow, this grinder instantly grabs your attention. Naturally you think that it’s going to be a 3 part grinder due to the colour scheme only having 3 hues, but you’re going to be in for a little surprise when you find out that the Red section actually separates into 2 sections.

The top section of this Rasta themed grinder has really sharp and tough cutting teeth which will easily grind the toughest of challenges. The 2nd / middle section contains the filter section where the dust drops through to the bottom part of the grinder and the larger grounds are kept on top of the filter screen.

We would also recommend that you get some grinder grease as well to keep this little beauty in tip top grinding condition.

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