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30 Dram Push ‘N’ Turn Vial

This could be just what the doctor ordered, well it might be if you wanted to keep medication or prescription tablets handy, but in our case it is ideal for storing herbs and spices in one convenient pot. This will keep your herbs fresh, and the bonus is that it is child proof, so no prying fingers will delve into your herb store.

Ideal for carrying herbs, spices, concentrates and other contents around with you, or to keep at home, once the safe lid is removed it can be turned over and it then makes a convenient place for you to roll a smoke from.  The contents measurement is 30 drams, which is a pharmacy or “apothecary” unit, but it relates to 120ml, so plenty to carry around or take away on a weekend away.

The Push ‘N’ Turn Vial is offered in black, white or green, with a unit cost of £1.75, but we can supply these at a reduced rate if a quantity of the pots is bought in a single transaction.

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