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Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones

For a great many of us the Hookah or Shisha pipe is a great way to enjoy our favourite herbal mixture or tobacco product, and whilst the beginnings of this favourite have become lost in time, many believe that it was invented in 16th century mediaeval India.

We know of course, that many people of different cultures have relaxed and enjoyed the use of cannabis and more recently tobacco, although the tide seems to be turning away from this long held favourite. Vaping or E-cigarettes are now the fashionable item, but we have now witnessed a new development, which we have seen requested on our web pages in increasing numbers.

Some German engineer hookah enthusiasts have hit upon a new invention, which enabled them to overcome, what is now a widely accepted ban on smoking in enclosed premises. These German engineers came up with Shiazo Shish Steam Stones.

The idea was quite simple really, most “Eureka” moments are, the natural stones are very small and extremely porous and they injected these with glycerine, together with aromatic fluids which imparts flavour; just in the same way that tobacco or herbal mixtures work. The result is when the stones are heated in the hookah, steam is produced similar to vaping and the result is an intense vapour which can be inhaled and enjoyed.

Experts feel that just in the same way as they agree that E-cigarettes are safer than normal cigarettes, Shisha Steam Stones are regarded as a healthier way to enjoy a smoke, even in public buildings, but even so there are some that still do not understand the difference between steam and smoke!

The Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones are now available on offer from us at £7.99 in four pleasant flavours of Mango, Mint, Raspberry or Strawberry.

SMOK Fit Portable Vaporizer Kit

What we can say is that Smoktech is one of the oldest and most progressive companies in vaping, and when it comes to innovative vaping devices, they have to be amongst one of the best.

Let us look at one of the latest devices the SMOK FIT Ultra-Portable Kit, this clever device is pushing to be one of the most robust all-in-one pod systems. It is more than easy to use and is classed as a”breeze”! The design utilises a refillable pod design, this eliminates carry bottles of ejuice, thanks to the simple refillable pod system, you can fill a few cartridges and bring them along with your SMOK Fit to change, just bring along flavours of choice.

For use at home many of us have a primary or larger vaping device, but the SMOK FIT is very portable, has a long battery life and is perfect for those out and about. The device uses a 250mAh internal battery and refillable 2mL pod cartridges. The SMOK FIT is a compact handheld vape with an elongated rectangular prism design, very much in contrast to the larger somewhat clunky vaper that can be seen around.

Easily researchable through a standard USB, now seen around in increasing number everywhere, many of our vapers tell us they carry a small back up charging battery. We can definitely agree that the SMOK FIT was built for easy vaping, pop in the cartridge pod and you are ready to vape.

Choose from blue, red or gunmetal and at our offer price of just £19.99, you are on your way to some hi tech vaping. We include in the box: 1x SMOK FIT Device, 2x SMOK FIT Pods, USB Cable, and a user manual.

Cheeky One Air Tight Stash Pot

We all have times when we need to carry some medication tablets, extra paracetamol to ward off the headache from just a tiny bit too much last night or to keep our stash clean and away from contamination.

Well this Cheeky One Air Tight Stash Pot is perfect for all those occasions and what is more it can be kept secure on your house, or car key ring. We offer these in two handy sizes the smaller of the two exterior dimensions; 21mm diameter, 47mm high, the larger has exterior dimensions; 46mm diameter, 80mm high.

Now we find that the smaller one is perfect for the key ring, but we would suggest that the larger one is better suited for when you are travelling with a bag, users find that it too big to carry comfortably in a pocket. These stash pots have a rubber seal around the lid that helps to protect the contents as well as helping to contain any smells.

The smaller version we offer in four distinctive colours, blue, black, red or silver priced on our web pages at just £4.99. The large option is supplied in five colours, blue, black red, green or silver and these are offered at only£7.99.

These are the perfect pots for keeping your medication or keeping your herbs fresh and unwanted odours out, when out and about.

Kingpin Tobacco Free Wraps 4 Pack

Thankfully, in the way that we like to indulge in our pleasure of smoking, we have the choice of tobacco free products, or for those that prefer, they can choose traditional products normally associated with tobacco. Increasingly, more smokers are turning to herbal products and it makes sense that when rolling a herbal smoke, the use of a tobacco free wrap will not detract from the taste of the herbal product.

A recent addition to our product range is the Kingpin Tobacco Free Wraps which are offered in six new and exciting flavours.  Manic Mango, Goomba Grape, Blueberry Bomb, Laid Back, Spanish Fly and the Original G flavour.

Users tell us that these new wraps enhance the pleasure of smoking, made being entirely from 100% natural fibres they smoke better than the tobacco wraps, plus they give the user a better delicious taste!  Each pack contains 4 wraps in a resealable packet, so easy to ensure that the flavour is not contaminated and ready for use whenever you’re ready.

They have a great feel when wrapping your herb and due to the clever fold technology even someone who is “all fingers and thumbs” will have no difficulty ensuring that the warp is folded in place perfectly.

Currently we are offering these at just £1.50 each, but if you choose to buy all five flavours, or five of the same flavour, or any combination, we will throw in an extra one free.

Keep your bongs and pipes clean with ROOR Cleaning Solution

The way that the discerning landlord of your favourite pub or bar keeps the beer that they serve to you in pristine condition when he pours it from the beer font into the glass, is achieved by keeping the serving lines and equipment meticulously clean.

To enjoy a perfect smoke through your bong, you should ensure that this is clean and free from unwanted contamination, and to keep the smoking equipment just as clean as the day when you first used it. With the help of ROOR cleaning solution it is a very simple thing to do. The solution is made to the same exacting standards as the ROOR high-end premium borosilicate glass bongs.

We always recommend that you clean your glass pieces as soon as you can after each smoking session; this is because the ROOR Cleaning Solution is so simple and effective and it’s not a task which any of us would put off for another day.

Just pour out the water from the Bong, then preferably rinse this out with very hot water and pour in the ROOR Cleaning Solution. Leave for around ten minutes or so and then thoroughly rinse out until there is no smell of solution in the bong and it is ready for the next cool smoke.

The ROOR Cleaning Solution has been designed to clean your glassware without the need of a brush. This helps to prevent the brush from scratching the glass and in the long run making your bong last for longer.

Just a simple word of precaution here, as with any cleaning solutions, please ensure that your ROOR Cleaning Solution is stored in a safe place out of the reach of children and that you do not swallow or allow contact with the skin or eyes.

Rolls Secret Box

This has been described as being very simple, but then are not some of the most successful items in production today been simple, but nonetheless very functional and guaranteed to do the job for which they were intended perfectly?

The Rolls Secret Box has achieved great success; this is witnessed by the number of orders that have been placed for it. We say that it is functional; it does exactly what is described on the packaging, the secret compartment where you can keep special items or your herbs or other smoking bits is found beneath the rolling tray, which is easily removed by pressing down on the tray just above the Rolls logo in the centre, just how clever is that ?

This stylish little rolling box is made from 2.5cm thick plywood and the plexiglass has a neat illustration on the face. It is a perfect size to carry in the pocket or bag measuring 16cm x 10cm x 2,5cm, this Rolls Secret Box with rolling tray is the perfect roll base and mixing bowl to have everything in one place, at just £28.00.

Make a statement with the Tweeting Mad Ashtray

He was loved by cinema going audiences when he first appeared in the early 1940’s and almost up to the present day, along with his nemesis Sylvester the cat, the little canary like cartoon character Tweety Pie. The two of them proved beyond doubt that there had become one of the most notable pairings in cinema animation history.

The plot followed a well-loved formula of Sylvester desperately wanting to catch and eat Tweety, but the bully always has something in the way of his ambition, usually Granny or her bulldog Hector! Sylvester, of course, never wins Hector comes to the rescue, or Tweety draws the poor unsuspecting Sylvester to the edge of a building, or brick wall at speed!

Our Tweetin Mad Ashtray will not lead you into these situations, but will ensure that your smokes when completed are disposed safely and the ash is contained in the ashtray when the top half of the head is removed. Inside also are three useful spaces where you and your friends can rest your smokes.

Naturally the ashtray is in canary yellow and we feel sure that it will not only serve a very useful purpose, but also provide some fun, especially to those that were fans of the cartoon character.

Store your personal items safely with Lotus Flower Boxes

Followers of the Buddhism will be well aware that the lotus flower has deep meaning associated with purity and beauty.  The Hindu religion also relates in a similar way, and in Egypt the lotus flower was associated with rebirth and in hieroglyphics discovered, the Lotus flower is the most commonly portrayed. Beauty could also be said of the three different sized Lotus Flower boxes that are displayed on our web pages.

These boxes are genuine Indian craved Shisham wood, which has characteristics very similar to rosewood and it is regarded as the most important timber in India after teak. The boxes illustrate the lotus flower which has been carved onto the lid and they are perfect to keep not just your smoking items, tobacco, or herbal mixtures, but they can be used for other personal items too.

We are offering the Lotus Flower Boxes in three sizes, with approximate measurements of, large: 175mm x 70mm x 125mm, this has an internal measurement 150mm x 50mm x 97mm. The medium Lotus Box is 145mm x 50mm x 92mm, internally this relates to 120mm x 40mm x 65mm. The small Lotus Flower Box is still a generous 110mm x 35mm x 60mm, and 85mm x 22mm x 38mm internally.

We believe that the craftsmanship that is so clearly apparent with these boxes belies the price; just £4.99 for the smallest version, £7.99 for the medium sized box and £12.99 for the largest.

The Lotus Flower Boxes are just one of a number of similar boxes carved by Indian craftsmen shown on our web page.

Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones

The Hookah or Shisha pipe is a great way to enjoy your favourite herbal mixture or tobacco product, its origins are slightly lost in time, but it is widely accepted that it was invented in 16th century mediaeval India.

Originally used by many cultures to enjoy hashish or cannabis, the use more generally has favoured tobacco, which may have been flavoured by soaking in molasses for example. With opinion increasingly turning away from tobacco, the use of vaping or e-cigarettes has become very fashionable. E liquid used in these products, which can have many flavours including imitation tobacco, is heated and the user inhales the vapour produced.

Recently a new product has emerged which was the invention of some German engineers who also happened to be hookah enthusiasts. We smokers are all aware of the smoking bans imposed in premises here in the UK; this also applies to most of Continental Europe too. In order to overcome this ban, as well as enjoying using a hookah, these engineers produced Shiazo Shish Steam Stones.

These natural stones are very small and extremely porous which are injected with glycerine, together with aromatic fluids which imparts flavour. In the same way that tobacco or herbal mixtures work, when the stones are heated in the hookah, steam is produced similar to vaping and the result is an intense vapour which can be inhaled and enjoyed.

In the same way as E-cigarettes, Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones are regarded as a healthier way to enjoy a smoke, even in public buildings, although we have to say that there are some that do not understand the difference between steam and smoke!

The Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones are now available on offer from us at £4.99 in four pleasant flavours of Mango, Mint, Raspberry, Strawberry.

Innokin Endura T18II Vape Pen

Whether you are one of the many that have chosen vaping, or electronic cigarettes as they are correctly described,  as a means of reducing, or even stopping using tobacco products, or perhaps prefer the convenience of using them and the freedom to smoke, when cigarettes and pipes in forbidden, the use of vaping pens and similar devices is rapidly increasing.  We have offered a wide range of vaping devices for a number of years now, but we are sure that the latest vaping pen we have introduce to our web pages, is sure to be a big hit.

A recent study funded by Cancer Research has found that using E Cigarettes is far less harmful than tobacco based products, containing large reductions in carcinogens and other toxic compounds found in those people vaping, than those using traditional cigarettes; the reason being that the materials used for these do not contain tobacco.

The Innokin Endura T18II gives you the freedom to fine tune the airflow and heat settings to create a completely personalised vape experience, not found on many other devices. This is helped also by the T18 prism coil which powers the Vape Pen, giving the user the maximum flavour and enjoyment. Featuring a magnetic cap that keeps the drip-tip clean and clicks to the base while vaping.

We have found that the Endura T18II is a perfect vaping tool for both beginners as well as vapers who would consider themselves as established professional vapers.

In  the box you will find the Vape Pen, Endura T18II Battery(1300mAh), Prism T18 Tank, 2 x 1.5 Ohm Coils, Magnetic Cap, a Spare Drip Tip and a Spare O-Ring Set, the battery is conveniently charged using a micro USB cable which is included, together with a Quick Start Guide.