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V12 Plus Twisty Blunt – a new way to smoke!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new product come in that genuinely gets us excited and really offers a new experience for smokers. We are talking about the V12 Plus Twisty Blunt which could revolutionise the way we smoke.

This uniquely designed blunt is used by loading the pipe with tobacco, once it is lit simply twist to get rid of the ash. The main body of the V12 Plus Twisty Blunt is constructed from borosilicate glass and also features a full metal twist mechanism in the middle, meaning that it’s built to last.

It is easy to fill by removing the rubber cap and loading your tobacco while twisting the mouthpiece to the desired fullness. Then simply light it like a normal blunt and once the ash starts to form twist the mouthpiece to clear it away.

The V12 Plus Twisty Blunt can also be used as a bong bowl and will fit all bongs with a 18.8mm joint. Included in the package is a spare o ring and a cleaning brush to keep the blunt in good working order.

Order now for just £26.99!

Headchef Spaceman 4 Piece Sifter Grinder

From a Galaxy far far away, the Headchef Spaceman 4 Piece Sifter Grinder is from another world! This ergonomically designed grinder features diamond shaped teeth to easily chop and grind even the toughest herbs, and the fine mesh on the lower compartment filters the finest and most potent parts of your herbs ready for when you need them.

This lightweight grinder feels great in the hand and the smooth grinding system is seamless with no binding or screeching. This premium grinder comes complete with the famous Headchef Spaceman logo and a branded luxury felt carry pouch, sifter scraper and presentation box.

The Headchef Spaceman 4 Piece Sifter Grinder is available in five great colours including Alien Green, Black Hole Black, Plasma Yellow, Sun Flare Orange and Neutron Purple and are available now for just £29.99 each.

Whether you are looking to grind your herbs, spices or tobacco mixtures, the Headchef Spaceman is perfect for the job and because of its aluminium construction is built to last a lifetime.

RAW Natural Unrefined Pre-Rolled Tips

The story of Spanish company RAW is a long and interesting one, which really all began when Josh, the founder, used to watch fascinated when his father performed, what, to seven year old child, was a magic trick of major proportions. He used to watch as the rice paper, that his father used to roll his own cigarettes, was lit and then thrown into the air and to the amazement of the child, saw it disappear, the rice paper being so thin there was no ash! So the story of RAW Papers was conceived.

Raw Natural Unrefined Pre-Rolled Tips are just one of the many products that RAW produces, but to us smokers they are an important addition to our smoking pleasure. The Tips are made from the purest natural fibres, all of which are chlorine free and vegan friendly. Each tip is very carefully cut and pre-rolled ensuring that we follow meticulously the natural grain fibres to ensure a perfectly round tip. These tips, like many other RAW products are made from the purest natural fibres, these tips do not contain any kind of chemicals and are guaranteed to be 100% chlorine-free!

These Natural and Unrefined  pre-rolled tips, brought to you from sunny Spain by award-winning brand RAW, are of an excellent quality, 200 in number  and come in a handy resealabe packet!

Dr Hoffman Water Cooled Pipe

This water pipe is “cool” in every sense of the word, cool colours from which you can choose, we offer, blue, green or amber, and the Dr Hoffman Water Cooled Pipe offer by us of only £14.99 means that you could afford to buy all three and choose a colour to suit the mood that you are in when deciding on a cool smoke that this pipe is certain to deliver.

Using simple, but well-tried techniques, the smoke from your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture, is drawn through a helical pipe, which is in fully submerged in water, the result is a cool smoke delivered at the mouthpiece, a heat exchanger in fact.

The pipe is brought to you, through us, directly from India and is constructed using borosilicate glass, and for ease of cleaning, the pipe is made in two parts, a detachable bowl and a main body! To operate is simplicity, just fill with water and pack the bowl with your favourite mixture and light up then you are in for the “coolest” of hits.

Cookies Odor Free Storage Bags

We are all very careful to buy exactly the product that we are happy with and in the case of our herbal tobacco or culinary herbs and spices, and the last thing that we want is for them to become tainted in any way.

Manufacturers take great care to ensure that the product reaches us in perfect condition, so why not store it so that it remains just the same? This is now easily achievable with the aid of these great Cookies Odor Free Storage bags, offered by us in three handy sizes, Extra Large: 215mm x 255mm   in packs of 6, Large: 190mm x 178mm, again in a 6 pack and Medium: 102mm x 152mm which we supply in 12 pack size.

The bags are very strong; they are also perfectly water tight so accidental spillage will not affect the product, added to which the material is puncture resistant. You will find that the edges are extreme sealed and have a triple pressed thick seal, plus the great durable locking zipper is three times thicker and softer than a regular bag and will definitely  block out odours every time, preventing the product becoming tainted.

These bags are on offer now from as low as £7.99, and can be re-used if needed.

Real Leaf Organic Herbal Tobacco

If what you want is a 100% tobacco substitute that is an organic natural blend, nicotine free, easy to roll thanks to the finely chopped leaf, guaranteed not to leave any aftertaste, and certified by an independent laboratory to contain no formaldehyde or DDT, that lights every time easily, as well as uniformly, we have just the product for you, Real Leaf Organic Herbal Tobacco.

Real Leaf was established in 2012, and has become a global leader in the tobacco substitute industry, since when they have successfully delivered some of the best handcrafted tobacco-free herbal blends to people around the world.

It is known that throughout history, people have used a mixture of different plants for medicinal purposes and we still do, but now we find that smoking herbs, which has been common in many cultures, has recently gained attention from scientific research, because it is known that herbal mixtures do not emit some of the harmful compounds found in normal cigarette smoke.

This particular blend of herbal tobacco includes 100% red raspberry leaves, marshmallow root, and mulleins, designed to ensure that your smoking experience is going to be cleaner and far more enjoyable.

Real Leaf Organic Herbal Tobacco works really well combined with any other smoking blends and its nicotine free blend includes 100% red raspberry leaves, marshmallow root, and mullein, sure to provide you with a delicate texture and aroma.

Real Leaf Organic Herbal Tobacco is the perfect tobacco substitute for you!

Vape shops may help smokers quit

A recent study carried out by the University of East Anglia, in conjunction with the university’s medical school, based in Norwich, has suggested that with the evidence of the increasing number of vape shops, these could provide and help reduce the number of smokers. In the study, it was found that vape shops can provide effective behavioural support to help smokers quit.

It has also been revealed that officials at Public Health England (PHE) urged smokers to try e-cigarettes to help them quit and they went on to suggest that hospitals should sell the devices and that it hoped that they would soon be available as prescription items on the NHS.

Publication in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health revealed that researchers worked in six vape shops in a number of different locations, to observe and note the interactions that took place between staff and customers. Commenting, lead researcher Dr Emma Ward, from UEA’s Norwich Medical School was reported as saying: “At present there are no e-cigarettes licensed for medicinal use and vape shops are often the ‘frontline’ for cessation support! We found that vape shops provided effective behavioural support to help quitters stay smoke free.” She went on to say: “Shop assistants were really keen to understand customers’ smoking preferences and give tailored advice about the most appropriate products, and they were an ongoing point of contact for practical help.”

This sounds excellent news for those people who want to quit normal smoking, as it is estimated that currently there are 2.9 million vapers in Britain, with around 2,000 vape shops; PHE lead Martin Dockrell is enthusiastic suggesting that vape shops can provide valuable expertise and product knowledge for smokers who are anxious to quit.

LimPuro Air Fresh Orange Odour Eliminator

Even though we may smoke, there comes a time when curtains and furniture fabric becomes tainted with odour from not only cigarettes and pipes, but also from cooking smells, and pets too. Previously curtains had to be washed or taken to the dry cleaners, but today, with the help of LimPuro Air Fresh Orange Odour Eliminator, unpleasant smells can be easily and quickly eliminated.

The active ingredients in LimPuro Air Fresh bind the odour molecules and neutralise them quickly and very effectively. The product is a natural and completely non-toxic odour neutraliser that works by simply spraying into the air, or for problem areas, directly onto fabrics.

LimPuro Air Fresh Orange Odour Eliminator is a non-toxic odour neutraliser that will give a clean and smooth fragrance to your fabrics, as well as the air to the room. Using the product is easy; simply spray 5 to 7 times into the air at a recommended 20cm distance from any fabric. If working with a problematic area, apply a second layer to it.

Buying this product will ensure that you are using a product which is made of water, denaturised alcohol, vegetable oils and natural scents;  absolutely guaranteed to eliminate the toughest smells in a very eco-friendly way; no problem when Great Aunt Matilda, who strongly disapproves of your smoking pleasure, drops in to see you!

This is just one of the LimPuro products available at our website to ensure that our smoking accessories are kept in first class condition.

Kingpin Tobacco Free Wraps

The original blunt, of course, was made with the tobacco leaf from cheap cigars, if there was ever such a thing as a cheap cigar of course, but not then it was not the big Havana Orson Welles type, no it was likely to be the cigarillo style; today it is normally found pre- made for users to roll their own cigarettes using papers or wraps. With the increasing popularity of herbal tobacco free products, many look for a wrap not made from tobacco instead and increasingly we find that many prefer one which is tobacco free in order that their herbal mixture is not contaminated.

We offer a really cool alternative to the normal regular wraps and these can be supplied in four flavours, choose from Mango Tango, Goomba Grape, Blueberry Bomb, or  Spanish Fly. Each pack contains four wraps, made from 100% natural hemp fibres, these are a real must have, they offer a very desirable smoke, which we believe you will quickly find so much better than tobacco made papers or wraps; they also give you a deliciously mellow taste!

With four flavourful wraps offered at just £1.50 a pack, Kingpin Tobacco Free Wraps are a must have smoking accessory for the connoisseur smoker who knows.

The END of smoking: Marlboro and Benson & Hedges will no longer be on sale in the UK from 2030

The announcement has been made by US tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PMI) which sells its products in more than 180 countries, the company is making a conscious move toward selling smoke-free products and away from cigarettes and that sales of their cigarette brand in the UK will stop in 2030. They have recently been advertising a product aimed at smokers urging them to switch from cigarettes, and to use safer products such as e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products.

We have seen the change that is taking place with more people turning to vaping products and Philip Morris is trying to gradually persuade traditional cigarette smoker to turn to their product which is referred to as iqos, which translates to I quit ordinary smoking. The company claims to have spent £2.5 billion on research and development into new products that have helped millions in “many countries” give up cigarettes.

The Philip Morris system works by using a charger around the size of a mobile phone and a holder that looks like a pen. A usable tobacco stick is inserted into the device which heats up the stick to a high temperature, claimed to be 350C. Smoke is released which contains the nicotine, which some light cigarette smokers have found to be very strong.

The decision by PMI may be considered to be very strange when it is considered that the company had net revenues in the UK of £39.7 billion, in total PMI earned £52.9 billion selling a massive812.9 billion units of cigarettes in 2016, but they claim to be very serious about “designing a smoke-free future”. In a comment, Mark MacGregor, PMI’s director of corporate affairs for the UK and Ireland, is reported to have said that PMI is “looking to a future when cigarettes will no longer be on the market”. He did say though, that they would not stop immediately because if they did someone else would sell them! “It wouldn’t produce any benefit for those smokers.

PMI claims iQOS produces up to 95% fewer potentially harmful chemicals than regular cigarettes, but, as you might expect, not everyone agrees with PMI. On Thursday 25th January, FDA health experts suggested PMI should not be allowed to claim its iQOS electronic tobacco product is less risky than cigarettes.