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W Pocket Mini Rolling Pouch

Tobacco pouches have been with us for a long time, not quite as long as tobacco itself, but discerning smokers knew that they enjoyed and derived greater pleasure more from new tobacco than they did from old stale products. Keeping the product fresh, preventing it from becoming tainted by overpowering smells became important and the tobacco pouch soon began to appear.

Just as important today as it was then and keeping your newly prepared substances in top condition, especially when out and about is vital, and the W Pocket Mini Rolling Pouch will ensure that it does. This is an entirely new product and is both stylish and practical. With the neat zipper users can comfortably and discreetly prepare roll ups whilst minimising loss, all due to the clever circle form made from a special non-stick, soft PU leather material, when zipped up after you have made your roll up, the contents will remain fresh and smell proof.

With the thin and compact design, the W Pocket Mini is offered in a variety of designs, and with up to 15 to choose from, there is sure to be one that appeals to you, perfectly sized to fit into a pocket, thanks to the slim and compact design. For those who cannot chose between two or more, we are offering pouches in mix and match at two for just £11.99.

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