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The I-Dragon Vaporizer

This vaporizers is the newest device to hits the shelves here at Shiva Head Shop and is one of the most technological hand held vaporizers on the market. The I-Dragon Vaporizer is great for those gadget geeks who want a little more from their vaporizer.

The I-Dragon Vaporizer is powered by three 3.7 volt rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged via the power socket on the bottom and will not only give you a great smoke, but can also light your way too.

The I-Dragon Vaporizer comes complete with an LED torch attachment that disguises the real use for the device and lights your way, making it a great accessory for festivals and late night parties.

This vaporizer has a built in heating plate, allowing the heat to disperse evenly throughout the chamber, making it economical and virtually silent.

The I-Dragon Vaporizer is available now for £144.99.

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