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Lite up anywhere with the Arc Flameless Lighter!

You are standing on the wing bridge to give you a good view as your ship comes into the teeth of the gale and just need to light up a cigarette, but naturally the match or lighter does not stand a chance of giving a flame. That was pure Walter Mitty of course, but it is just the same when you are standing outside the coffee shop and you are trying to get a flame for a smoke.

Help is at hand though through the Arc Flameless Lighter, an electronic lighter that uses two electronic arcs which at the push of a button ignite to produce a bare electrical current strong enough to light a candle, cigarette or whatever you like.

This lighter will defy anything that the weather sends, just press the button on the front and in a similar way to a sparking plug the Arc Flameless lighter will light up your cigarette, in any kind of wind storm, and it will take it in its stride. The only thing that it requires is an occasional charging through the USB lead, which is provided, and one charge will be enough to keep you and your friends smoking through plenty of packets of cigarettes before it need topping up from the USB, and it is capable of being charged hundreds of times from any laptop USB Port, or any USB wall charger no butane, no flints, no lighter fuel!

We offer this in either Icy Metallic or Space chrome, complete with micro USB and display box for just 29.99.

Add flavour to your tobacco with Juicy Drops

For many of us the pure taste of our tobacco or herbal smoking mixture is the only thing that we are looking for, but adding some flavouring to our papers can give the smoke that something extra. The Juicy Drops are easy to use, just a few drops onto your Rolling Papers, leave for only a few minutes to dry and then experience the one of the eight exciting and mouth-watering flavours.

The flavourings do not have to be restricted to rolling papers, you can use the drops for pipes, cigarettes, cigars, blunts, in fact any legal tobacco or herbs, only a few drops of the flavouring is certain to change your smoke into a new and tasty pleasure. If you are hooked onto a particular flavour, you can add some directly into your stash bag.

The Juicy Drops are very economical, offered by us at just £2.99, the dropper bottle makes adding just two or three drops to your tobacco easy and each bottle can flavour as many as 100 or more smokes, what could be better. These simple to use drops will allow you to add a touch of juicy flavour to your tobacco, for only about 2p a smoke!

Choose from the 8 juicy flavours of Blue Raspberry, Blueberry, Chocolate, Coconut, Mango, Maple, Peach, and Vanilla, one for each day of the week plus and extra for Saturday or Sunday perhaps.

RAW Slide Top Cigarette Box

Raw papers are the preferred one used by many connoisseurs’ that like to roll their own smokes and for good reason, possibly because are an all-natural, vegan, chlorine-free smoking paper. Raw use no chemicals in the manufacturing process, which is the reason they have a thin brown almost translucent look. Raw Rolling Papers use natural hemp glue which when it burns does not release toxic emissions resulting in a smoother safer smoke.

Cigarette Cases have been around as long as the cigarette, they first appeared with introduction of rolling tobacco so you could store your tobacco and rolling papers together.  We have a full range of cigarette cases for your roll ups, cigars and cigarettes ,but this Raw Slide Cigarette Box is one of our best-selling cases.

So what better way to carry your roll-ups , your cigarettes, lighters, papers and filters tobacco, herbs, whatever you need, wherever you need it all  in a classy reusable metal case which is perfect for when you are out and about, or spending some time down at the pub, or with friends. No longer suffer the problem of looking for your supplies this is a fantastic tin to keep everything together. The Raw slide top tin has had the RAW logo embossed onto the tin and the lid, the rest of the tin is smooth to the touch. It can easily fit into your back pocket, bag or coat so if you are on the move this is perfect.

RAW Wiz Khalifa Cone Tin

Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor, not only is he very good at making records, one of his album hits was Rolling Papers, released in March 2011, so it is no surprise that he has endorsed with his name these awesome pre-rolled cones by RAW, in their very own presentation tin.

We all know that Raw papers are unbleached and the pre-rolled cones are made by them, that will be sure of getting quality that smokes smoothly and cleanly, after you have filled your Raw papers with your tobacco. The Wiz Khalifa Cone Tin has six cones supplied; the lid has the words ‘Wiz Khalifa’ which has been slightly raised up and is ideal pocket size at 120mm (w) x 15mm (h) x 81mm (d).

Naturally the conical cones are made from Raw’s natural un-refined, unbleached rolling paper as well as being watermarked; this ensures the cone burns down evenly. Storing your cones in the tin ensures that they can be carried in jeans or bag without becoming damaged.  The tin can be used over and over for your new Raw cones, just £3.99 for protection of top class pre-rolled cones.

Show your allegiance with the Game of Thrones Cigarette Packet Cover

From the feedback that we have received from you when we first introduced the Retro Cigarette Packet Covers, it was something that you really liked. Not just for the rather snazzy covers, which feature a design inspired by retro adverts, which add a touch of old-fashioned charm to your smoking pleasure, they are very easy to use; just press in the middle of the packet, just under the lid, and the top will spring open. Perhaps more importantly they protected the packet and the cigarettes from damage when in your pocket or bag and during “hi jinks” on a night out.

For those on the lookout for something which presented a different picture on the plastic cover, what could be better than characters from the very popular Game of Thrones smash hit TV series? On each of the cases, this features a caricature of a famous Game of Thrones character, including Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and The Hound, with Tyrion there is a choice of colour in either green or blue; all the covers are priced at £5.99 guaranteeing to keep your smokes safe. They will also be sure to grab the attention of your friends on a night out or drink before you make your way home after work.

Choose you allegiance with these Game of Thrones Cigarette Packet Covers, just £5.99 each or you can mix & match any 2 for £9.99.

Have some flavoured fun with Juicy Jay

There are smoking papers and then of course there are Juicy Jay’s flavoured papers, and with this trendy upmarket box of 24, comprising eight tasty flavours, generally with three of each flavour, which are randomly selected, but usually can contain Banana, Green Apple, Raspberry, Watermelon, Blackberry Brandy, Peaches & Cream, Very Cherry, and Blueberry, although we cannot guarantee that there will be exactly three rolls of each of those.

We can say that each individual roll is around 5 metres in length and is imbued with the delicious juicy flavour, not the gum strip alone, each paper is sure to be sweet to the lips. Juicy Jay produces these papers by using a triple dipped system, allowing the entire paper to safely be infused with delicious flavours. Each paper has colourful designs printed with soy ink which corresponds to the flavour, for example raspberry has these all over it, and importantly has natural gum for a delicious a tasty smoking experience.

Trying a box of Juicy Jay’s perfect pick ‘n’ mix box you will be able to see if there are one or two particular flavours that you prefer, this will enable you to buy these from our comprehensive selection. Why not use the Mix ‘n’ Roll Box of 24 to try some of these amazing flavoured papers, we are sure that you will love them!

Juicy Jay Rolls

Look the part with one of these Retro Cigarette Packet Covers

Packaging for cigarettes has changed a number of times over the years; few of us will remember any of them as we look at our favourite brand in their convenient flip top packs. Brand recognition was a huge part of the marketing strategy of the manufacturers with the very distinctive designs which made the cigarette of choice easily spotted. Distinctive designs such as Player’s Navy Cut featuring a bearded sailor from HMS Hero. The Wills “Wild Woodbine” were cheap cigarettes targeted at the working man named after the wild version of a honeysuckle. So attached were the public to the distinctive designs that when Wills changed the packaging in the 1960’s from the 1920’s design, the public were having none of it and Woodbine sales began to fall.

Preventing our cigarettes becoming squashed or even broken has always been a problem when we carried them in our pocket or bag, this was one of the reasons for the popularity of cigarette cases, an accessory carried by the rich and famous often seen in films.  We can still offer a nice line in leatherette cases, but it is the Retro Cigarette packet Cover that has caught the eye of many people which will not only protect the cigarettes from damage, but it will grab the attention of your friends on a night out or drink before you make your way home after work, outside now of course!

All the rather snazzy covers feature a design inspired by retro adverts so add a touch of old-fashioned charm to your smoking pleasure, very easy to use, simply press in the middle of the packet, just under the lid, and the top will spring open.

We know that collecting vintage cigarette packets at car boot sales and collecting fairs is a way to enjoy a guilt free way to enjoy the current smoking culture of the twentieth century, with these covers you can still enjoy your smoke from your packet stored neatly and safely in one of our handy covers, which represent an important source of social, cultural and marketing history.

Retro Cigarette Packet Cover

Smoking Brown King Size Papers with Tips

When we roll our favourite tobacco or herbal mixture into a cigarette, we o no want the flavour to be affected in any way, this can happen with some papers, which is why the latest Brown Unbleached King Size Slim Rolling Papers are becoming more and more popular fairly new addition to the Smoking Range Family.

The papers are unbleached, chlorine-free and carry no taste; the gum itself is 100% natural vegetable gum and does not contain any additives whatsoever. Within the pack of papers is a small paper slip which is there to remind you when you are getting toward the end, ensuring that you can re-order before running out. With the 33 Brown King Size papers, sometimes referred to as long or large rolling paper by many of us, is included 33 tips, and these are perforated to help you roll the perfect filter and like the papers themselves, are unbleached and chlorine free.

This Spanish company is no stranger to making perfect rolling papers, having been involved in the manufacture of cigarette paper since 1879 and therefore knows just what a connoisseur of smoking roll ups is looking for. The cigarette paper of Smoking is made by the manufacturer Miguel Y Costas & Miguel SA, from Barcelona, Spain and so with a packet of their Brown King Size Papers, your favourite tobacco and a rolling machine, the perfect smoke is yours.

Smoking Brown Kingsize Papers With Tips

Help stop littering with the Raw Pocket Ashtray

Do you find it almost impossible to find an ashtray to stub out your cigarette out in when you’re out and about? Hate the sight of cigarette ends on the floor or do you want to do your little bit for the environment, then the Raw Pocket Ashtray is the answer.

This compact pocket ashtray is small enough to fit into your pocket effortlessly and is made from an unrefined cotton blend to give a great vintage look. The foil lining and button popper keeps the contents secured and helps to ensure that minimum odour escapes.

The Raw Pocket Ashtray’s are just £2.99 each, so there is really no excuses for dropping your cigarette ends on the floor anymore. Do your bit for the environment today!

Raw Pocket Ashtray

Chanupa Coloured Hammer Bubbler

Smoking the “peace pipe” was usually depicted in American movies as the Captain of the gallant U.S. Cavalry rode in to rescue the beleaguered settlers, just in the nick of time, to sit with the Chief of the tribe to agree safe passage for the battered waggon train.

The beautiful Chanupa Coloured Hammer Bubbler could well have been passed around at the “pow wow” as the one we feature is named after the sacred pipe of the Lakota tribe. The Lakota are a tribe who live on the northern plains of North America. They are closely related by culture, language, and history to other tribes who together are often referred to as ‘Sioux’.

The pipe is a beautiful piece of work and certainly can be described as a work of art in glass, aesthetically mind blowing. However it is not just something that is made as an ornament, although it will sit perfectly on your table and be admired when not in use. The pipe has been designed to hold a small amount of water in the bowl, which will cool the smoke as well as filtering it before it reaches your mouth.

The 10 cm pipe is decorated with red and white swirled glass and the background gives an appearance of a night time sky filled with stars overlooking the prairie. All the Chapuna Coloured Hammer Bubbler pipes are handmade and therefore the colours as well as the designs on them will vary from pipe to pipe.

Chanupa Coloured Hammer Bubbler