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Screen Queen Deluxe Screenless Pipe

The main thing that most of us want when lighting up and enjoying a pipe of tobacco or herbs, is a cool clean smoke, the Screen Queen Deluxe Screenless Pipe is designed to provide just that. This pipe is certainly one of the most reliable, easy to use, and easy to clean and generally provides a great smoke, according to the feedback from users have said when they have reported back to us.

The removable bottom of the bowl acts as a screen or gauze, which means that no additional screen is needed. Removing the screw in plug at that bottom of the bowl ensures that the user can clean it with ease and it also means that when in use provides good airflow for the perfect burn, as it helps keeps ashes and plant material from obstructing the airway. From around the time when pipes first came upon the scene, one thing that smokers preferred was a long stem; this meant that the smoke was cooled prior to reaching them; this as we know ensures a pleasurable smoke. This is something the Screen Queen Deluxe offers with its long stem, cooling the smoke as well as catching a lot of the tar that you would otherwise inhale, again easily cleaned using a long pipe cleaner.

Offered in a choice of colours, blue, bronze, green, red black or silver and presented in its own hinged box, this is a pipe for the connoisseur that guarantees: No screen or gauze needed, sleek in appearance, easy to take apart, clean and reassemble, with a guaranteed even burn.  Put simply this pipe is amazing.

Atomic Silicone Pipe

This silicone pipe is a recent addition to our collection of pipes and smoking devices and we are quite excited about, we feel sure that judging from responses we have had, you are too. We have been used to using borosilicate glass pipes for many years and the smooth experience of using them is not in question, but how does the silicone pipe compare?

If you are unsure about silicone, the first thing to say is that it’s similar in shape to its glass cousins though fashioned from medical grade silicone. Silicone is also lighter than glass, which makes it perfect for taking the pipe out and about, it is also a fairly easy to clean as simple as a quick wipe down with an alcohol wipe and as we all know a a clean pipe is a happy pipe.

The Atomic Silicone Pipe is both fun and durable, it is available form us in a selection of colours, both striped as well as solid. It features a removable spill-proof silicone lid; these simple, pocket-size pipes also include a built-in 15cm screen.

This pipe is really an “atomic” pocket sized beauty and weighs in at just 12 grams packing that right amount of weight to satisfy your needs; pocket sized at less than 10 mm in length, proving again that size simply does not matter!

Choose your Atomic Silicone Pipe from either solid coloured, or striped colour, or as they are offered at only £4.99, why not choose one of each?

Upright Ribbed Mirror Pipe

Here is a pipe that will get all your friends talking, this variation on the Ribbed Mirror Pipe takes it one step further, and it is a very practical smoking piece. As a smoker you will find that it will sit perfectly on a flat surface, useful when you need to collect another beer from the fridge, or perhaps just relaxing between smokes and it will not get knocked over either.

Smoking a pipe is satisfying as we all know; Albert Einstein once remarked that pipe smoking “contributed to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.” Whether the observation is true or not, pipe smoking has had many other famous devotees, among them Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the fictional Sherlock Homes, who often disappeared into a haze of pipe smoke while solving his cases. Of course we cannot claim that any of these eminent persons have smoked an Upright Mirror Pipe, but had this pipe been around then, then they probably would.

We strongly recommend that you use a screen for this pipe, we offer a brass made screen which is flexible, and so it can be moulded into the required shape and size for your pipe bowl. Changing your screens for pipes, bongs and water pipes on a regular basis will ensure maximum filtering for healthier smoking.

The pipe is made in India and so it has that wonderful rustic, handmade feel and it is offered by us at just £5.99 or two for £9.99 there is a choice of black, green, mauve or royal blue.

Join the Sherlock Holmes Pipe smokers this Christmas

Sherlock Holmes had a wonderful selection of pipes which he smoked, many of which have been seen on the BBC television series; naturally this has fuelled a renewed interest in the famous style. We feature a number of these on our web pages, all of which are manufactured by Raw, handmade from uncoated, natural eco-wood called Brown Knotwood from the Pearl Valley of Fujian china.

From our selection of Sherlock style, we find that the most popular appears to be the Raw Natural Pipe, a beautiful handmade example. The bowl is a very generous ½ inches in width, holding enough of your favourite tobacco to satisfy the most serious of smokers. Because this pipe is made from natural wood, it will require to be “broken in” and the suggestion from Raw themselves, is that the best way to do this is to use either honey or you could use a pipe sweetener, this has the effect of coating the bowl and soon the wood will become accustomed to the heat of glowing tobacco, and soon you will be able to build up a good coating of carbon.

With any smoking device, it is essential that the stem and mouthpiece are kept scrupulously clean and as an aid the plastic mouthpiece, which is approximately 5.5 inches in length, which is easy to remove to clean, the stem is pre-loaded with a Corleone smoking filter. Supplied along with the Raw Natural Pipe, we include a neat canvas carrying pouch and a micro-fibre cleaning cloth. The perfect Christmas, or any time gift.

Raw Natural Pipe

Chanupa Coloured Hammer Bubbler

Smoking the “peace pipe” was usually depicted in American movies as the Captain of the gallant U.S. Cavalry rode in to rescue the beleaguered settlers, just in the nick of time, to sit with the Chief of the tribe to agree safe passage for the battered waggon train.

The beautiful Chanupa Coloured Hammer Bubbler could well have been passed around at the “pow wow” as the one we feature is named after the sacred pipe of the Lakota tribe. The Lakota are a tribe who live on the northern plains of North America. They are closely related by culture, language, and history to other tribes who together are often referred to as ‘Sioux’.

The pipe is a beautiful piece of work and certainly can be described as a work of art in glass, aesthetically mind blowing. However it is not just something that is made as an ornament, although it will sit perfectly on your table and be admired when not in use. The pipe has been designed to hold a small amount of water in the bowl, which will cool the smoke as well as filtering it before it reaches your mouth.

The 10 cm pipe is decorated with red and white swirled glass and the background gives an appearance of a night time sky filled with stars overlooking the prairie. All the Chapuna Coloured Hammer Bubbler pipes are handmade and therefore the colours as well as the designs on them will vary from pipe to pipe.

Chanupa Coloured Hammer Bubbler

Magnetic Journey Pipe

Wow, well you asked for it and its back, the revolutionary Magnetic Journey Pipe gives you a cool smoke, stays cool to the touch, and has a permanent screen-less filter. Very simple to load with your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture, light up and close the lid, no spills and what is more it will not clog and is remarkable easy to clean. Simply open up and wipe clean with a damp tissue paper, then snap it back together for your next cool smoke.

This really is a revolutionary smoking device, without the use of screens means that you never have to replace screens or ever buy them, naturally leaving more time to enjoy your cool clean bacteria free smoke. It is in the design that the Journey Pipe scores over other pipes, the surface is durable and non-toxic, it just requires a wipe over quickly with a tissue or antibacterial wipe, the result being no tar in the pipe means no bacteria build up.

We supply it with a pocket box which holds the pipe as well as a lighter if you wish, all you need in the pocket friendly box. It will not break and will last a lifetime, is a pleasure to smoke, stunning to look at and functional too. The choice is yours in either silver or black.

Magnetic Journey Pipe

Chongdolf 9 inch glass pipe by Cheech & Chong

This is a classic style of pipe based on the “church warden” or German “Lesepfeife” which literally is a reading pipe, based on the loose premise that all depending upon how you prefer to smoke, the pipe will allows you to rest the bowl on your chest or your arm while comfortably reading a book or dozing off.

The Chongdolf 9 inch glass pipe has been described as a Sherlock Holmes pipe; indeed he did smoke similar briars, but this super pipe from our two famous “stoners” Richard ‘Cheech’ Marin & Tommy Chong is different as it is manufactured from high quality borosilicate glass and comes embellished with the duo’s logo near the bowl. Measuring a cool 9 inches you will be guaranteed a smoke at a pleasant temperature, with less biting and even if you are not a fan of dry pipes, the Chongdolf really provides a superior smoking experience and you will also look elegant as well as noble.

We are offering this pipe in four colours, blue, fume, smoke and white, the Cheech & Chong ‘Chongdolf’ 9 Inch Glass Pipe is supplied with a cushioned, tie dye, draw string bag for you to keep it safe.

Cheech & Chong 'Chongdolf' 9 Inch Glass Pipe

Experience the smooth smoke of the Killer Peace Pipe

This is not quite the “peace pipe” that you may remember being smoked on the Indian Reservation when you sat with friends in the Saturday matinee Cowboy and Indian films, (in black and white for those old enough) no this one is slightly different. But it really is a “killer” and is certain to provide perfect satisfaction when smoking your favourite tobacco, perhaps now watching, who knows, a black and white film, but now on television.

Tis beautiful pipe is styled in the traditional manner and will feel just right in your hand, you will become totally relaxed, catching sight of the gently smoking bowl at the end of the long curved stem, almost in the “churchwarden” style, the longer stem giving a cooler smoke, bliss.

Naturally to get the very best from your Killer Peace Pipe keeping it regularly cleaned is important, and this has been made simple as the pipe disassembles to make the task easy, we suggest that this is done after every two or three smoking sessions, with a quick polish of the polished hardwood bowl to keep the classy appearance. A soft draw string bag along with a pipe stand is also provided.

Killer Peace Pipe

Try something different – The Transparent Swirl Spoon Pipe

If you are looking for something that is different, can we suggest that you take a quick peek at the glass pipes, particularly the spoons, these can be used for smoking tobacco or your favourite herbs. Basically a spoon is the common name for a particular style of hand pipe and they are regarded by many as the best, quintessential in fact.

The Transparent Swirl Spoon pipe will give the user a perfect smoke and it will not look out of place on the coffee table either, made with high quality glass and featuring a minimalist swirl at the end to add to the attractive look of this crafted pipe, perfect to take out an about with you, allowing you to have a quick smoke at ease.

Because these spoons are hand crafted, it can mean that not every pipe is the same, so it is very unlikely that anyone will have a pipe identical to yours and the colour of the swirl pattern will vary too. Naturally to enjoy a perfect smoke it is recommended that the Transparent Swirl Spoon Pipe is kept clean and we recommend checking the products on our page to ensure that you are getting a purer, healthier smoke.

Transparent Swirl Spoon Pipe

Christmas stocking fillers – Raw Natural Pipe

Ask any discerning smoker which is the pipe that has not only stood the test of time, but provides the user with a cool and satisfying smoke, the chances are that he will suggest the Sherlock Holmes style of pipe. As we suggest, this style of pipe has been a favourite for many years, but with the BBC Sherlock series, featuring Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous Victorian detective, the pipe is very much in evidence and increasingly popular.

There are a number of styles of Sherlock pipe from which you can choose, but the one that is sought after frequently at our web pages is the Raw Natural Pipe which is a beautiful handmade example and naturally, coming from Raw, is made using only Brown Knotwood, which is completely sustainable and is uncoated. The wood used is sourced from the Pearl Valley of Fujian china, has a generous 1/2 wide bowl and it resembles the very distinct and classic shape of a Sherlock pipe.

The plastic mouthpiece, which is approximately 5.5 inches in length is easy to remove to clean and it has be pre-loaded with a Corleone smoking filter, keeping it completely natural, the Raw Natural Pipe is supplied complete with a neat canvas carrying pouch and a micro-fibre cleaning cloth is included.

All pipes that are made from natural wood should be broken in before use and the best way to do this is, as Raw suggest, use either honey or you could use a pipe sweetener, this will then coat the bowl and soon the wood will become accustomed to the heat of glowing tobacco in the bowl, soon you will slowly build up a carbon layer.

Raw Natural Pipe