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Party Games – How to Play Beer Pong

Beer pong is one of the most entertaining drinking games invented and a popular American past-time. And like many popular American pastimes it has of course made its way across the pond. It’s a simple drinking game which involves, players on opposing sides throwing a ping pong ball across a table into their opponents cups.

The game, is a drinking game, because the cups are filled with beer. When you get a ping pong ball in your opponent’s cup, they have to drink that cup of beer and remove the cup from the table. The first team to clear all their opponents’ cups wins. The game requires accuracy and hand-eye co-ordination, which is fine when you start, however once you start having to down cups of beer where balls have landed it does get much trickier.

First noted versions of the game has origins in American fraternities in the 1950’s to 1960’s with Dartmouth College being one of the early adopters of a game originally played with paddles. This cemented beer pong as a part of campus life and a rite of passage for many teenagers. The game developed over time into what we now know of with, with paddles removed and became known as beer pong or Beirut.

Beer pong is an easy game to set up, the only equipment you need is a table, plastic cups, ping pong balls and beer. Teams are made up of four players at opposite ends of a table. Many people recommend a light or pale ale, with low alcohol content due to the amount that can be consumed in one game. The game itself is also simple to set up, with ten cups used per team, set up in triangular formation. Rules for the game vary from state to state and university to university, but generally follow the simple formation of throwing balls in turn to your opponent’s cup. Last team standing wins.

There are a number of different ‘shot’ techniques, the three most common are the arc, the fastball (or “laser, snipe”), and the bounce shot. Many people stick to the shot type that they are most successful with. For beginners it may take a while for you to perfect your pong shooting style. Also the more you drink the harder it becomes to shoot.

Beer pong isn’t just a game for amateurs, there is a World Series of Beer Pong, including Satellite Tournaments, where people compete at a professional level. Beer pong is taken seriously, with a number of rules which players must abide by in these settings. You can of courses by official beer pong products if you want to take this ‘sport’ seriously. You can also by a number of different sets including Strip Beer Pong games which add another level to this game, or you can just purchase some cheap plastic cups and ping pong balls to do at home.

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