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Mix ‘N’ Blitz 55mm Isotope Sifter Grinder

Before we can enjoy a cool smoke in our Chillum, Pipe or Bong, we have to get down to the serious business of preparing our favourite herbs. How this is done is often down to personal preferences, but aficionadas of the water pipe prefer to separate the most potent part of the herbs, or resin to get the best from the smoke.

We offer many grinders, a number of these have a collection department or filter to make the separation easier. A recent addition to our collection is the Mix ‘N’ Blitz 55mm Isotope Sifter Grinder which features super sharp teeth grind up your ingredients in seconds making your herbs more manageable. The mesh or sifter then filters all the most potent part of your herbs into the bottom compartment where you can use them or even save them up for a rainy day or mix in as you please.

These grinders are offered in eight funky colours, Black, Silver, Purple, Red, Pink, Blue, Light Blue and Grey. We recommend use of our grinder cleaner with this item so that it will continue to provide the best of herbal mixture, for your smoking pleasure. Your choice in any selected colour for only £17.99.

Headchef Medi Pod Grinder

Getting your herbs, spices or tobacco to just the right consistency is what most of us will be looking for when we want to conjure up that culinary delight, or enjoy the very best cool smoke with our bong or “ roll up”. But, getting it “just right” is not always easy, unless of course, you have a Head Chef Medi-Pod grinder.

We all now know that grinders do make life so much easier for the budding chef or at home cook, but naturally they need not be just confined for kitchen us, they can be used for grinding tobacco into the consistency that is just right for rolling, your pipe or cool bong.

This could present a problem if you are “out and about” but, not with the Medi-Pod grinder which provides a neat little storage and grinding solution, perfect for anybody looking for a compact solution to take out and about with them. Your freshly ground tobacco will not become tainted either, the Medi-Pod has an air tight storage container along with the grinder and milling bowl.

Now in order to ensure that the herbs, spices or tobacco are always in tip top condition, just like your kitchen surface or bong, keeping it clean is a must. Cleaning can of course be a bit of a “turn off” but, with the help of our No. 1 Grinder Cleaner, which comes in a handy 50ml spray bottle, all that you need to do is simply spray a little of the cleaner onto your grinder, wait a few moments while it does its stuff and simply rinse and dry to clean it off.

We are currently offering this Pod Grinder for just £4.99 and it is available in Black, White, Purple, Red, and Green.

Red Eye 40mm Crystal Twist Grinder

Grinders really do make life easier for the budding chef or at home cook, not only do they make life easier, but save you time when it comes to chopping up your herbs and spices. However, they need not be just confined for kitchen us, they can be used for grinding tobacco into the consistency that is just right for rolling, or your pipe or cool bong.

The Red Eye 40mm Crystal Twist Grinder is a quality grinder that is regarded as one of the most innovative products on the market, two items in one in fact because it which can be used as either a classic two part grinder or as a sifter. To use it as a sifter all you have to do is to screw parts 1 and 4 together and it then becomes a superb sifter grinder. Featuring a very strong magnet, this ensures that your Crystal Twist Grinder stay firmly closed that is until you have finished grinding or sifting, and it is decorated with the Red Eyes cool graphics.

The Red Eye Grinder is manufactured from the highest quality aluminium; it is anodised to ensure that it is both smooth as well as tactile and is offered by us in nine attractive colours. Choose from Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Silver, Gun Metal Grey, Gold, Green and Purple.

So with the Red Eye 40mm Crystal Twist Grinder, all that is requires is for you to pop in your herbs, spices or tobacco and in just a few seconds you have exactly the right mixture that you need.

Red-Eye 40mm Crystal Twist Grinder


After Grow Thorinder Sifter Grinder

Thor was a Norse mythological god of Thunder, popularly associated with lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, as well as the protection of mankind, and this superb grinder is inspired by him. The lightning bolt featured is tribute to that other god, this time in Greek mythology Zeus. He was the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods, his weapon was a thunderbolt which he hurled at those who displeased or defied him, especially liars and oath breakers, so watch out!

With the sharp lightning bolt shaped shark teeth this classic sifter grinder, this will ensure that all your herbs are ground to the perfect consistency every time. We think that you will agree that the Thorinder Sifter Grinder, constructed with anodised aluminium and medical-grade stainless steel, is not only a beautiful thing to look at, it is completely functional and easy to use. Comprising four layers, you can choose exactly the right consistency for your herbs and spices and it has a magnetic lid to keep your herbs safe at all times.

Supplied in two sizes, 50mm or 62mm and in a range of colours, which include green, grey, orange as well as blue; we can confidentially say that the Thorinder herb grinder from After Grow is the ultimate tool for all your grinding requirements, making light work of even large amount of herbs and spices, reducing them into different consistencies to give you the best quality and flavours.

After Grow Thorinder Sifter Grinder

Honey Dust Grinder

This is one of the best grinders to hit the UK market, from reactions we believe that it will take the market by storm, and it is cleverly designed with four compartments to ensure that you get the particles of just the right size.

The top compartment is where you put in the herbal mixture of your choice, the second compartment is where the all-important grinder is situated and when it gets to work, the ground mixture falls into the compartment below.

This is where the important separation takes place as it has a stainless steel mesh crystal catcher which will only allow pollen like particles to drop though into the fourth compartment. What you have now is honey dust which is heaven to smoke, so we can imagine that you would never want to be without your Honey Dust Grinder wherever you went.

From the comments that we have seen, the Honey Dust Grinder not only produces a superb smoking mixture, but it is robust, requires only the minimum maintenance and can withstand the odd knock without falling to pieces.

Available in five distinct colours, you can choose between blue, clear, green or red. Your pollen dust is at your fingertips.


Create culinary delights with the Head Chef Speedy G Grinder

As any chef will tell you, grinding ingredients to the right consistency every time is vital if you are to reproduce recipes faithfully time after time, that also applies to amateur cooks and just as importantly smokers who need their favourite herb ground or shredded down to the preferred consistency.

The Head Chef Speedy G Grinder will do that in the same way as many others, but there is a subtle difference, a clever hole has been included in the side to make pouring out the herbs simple. When not in use, the plug will keep the herbs in perfect condition ready for when they are needed. This is a great feature for the smoker, as they can just pour the ground herbs straight into the rolling paper, perfect when out and about.

The Head Chef Speedy G Grinder features super sharp trapezium shaped teeth, this will ensure that the herbs and spices are ground or shredded to absolute perfection. So as many a chef, amateur of professional knows, a herb grinder is one of the most essential items to have, Head Chef grinders always get the seal of approval from anyone who has used them, many consider that they are the very best on offer.

We offer the Head Chef Speedy G Grinder in five distinct colours, black, blue, purple, green or red, all at just £17.99, time to get cooking!

Head Chef Speedy G Grinder

RAD Just Grind It Sifter Grinder

No more fiddling about with this four part grinder which is constructed from high quality anodized aluminium; this gives the grinder great strength as well as durability. As described the RAD is a four part grinder with the top two sections that are packed with sharp teeth to effortlessly tear up your herbs or spices.

The third section is the clever piece which, unlike other grinders does not rely on the sifter being screwed on, it neatly incorporates a drop in design and the sifter is held in position by sandwiching it between the centre part and the base. The user can then easily inspect the sifter and look at any content still in the sifter as well as the base, it also means that it can be taken out and the grinder used without it if preferred.

The 50mm size or an alternative size of 62 mm across enables a bumper load of herbs or spices to be loaded into it, without the need to keep adding more of the herbs. The two RAD sifter grinders are being offered by us in colours of blue, pink, silver, black, purple and red in the 50mm size, or black, blue, purple or red in the 62mm size.

RAD Just Grind It Sifter Grinder

Bud Bug Automated Spice Grinder

We can guarantee that this little bug will be the only one that you will be pleased to see crawling around your kitchen or living room. Even more so as it leaves behind a trail of finely ground herbs for you to scoop up and pop into a roll up, bong or vaporiser.

Using it couldn’t be simpler, just open up the wing case and you will see a neat chamber for you to put in your herbs or spices. Simply close the wing case and watch as your little friend goes for a walk, but importantly he will leave a neat trail of fine herbs or spices behind him. Naturally you will want to put him on a surface which makes it easy to collect your herbs or spices, a nice clean and smooth surface we are sure he will like.

If you are used to a traditional spice grinder, you will know that they do not always grind to perfection every time, Bud Bug has changed all that and ensures that he will give you giving a perfect grind to your herbs, flowers, bud and spices each and every time. Oh, by the way, keep him away from any other pets, they may become jealous!

Bud Bug Automated Spice Grinder

Head Chef Samurai 55mm Sifter Grinder

If you are looking for something that will grind your herb with the precision of the famed Samurai warriors, who of course were famous and renowned for their fearlessness and of course their super sharp swords, then you have found it with these super grinders which will shred your chosen herb with little effort.

The 55mm grinders that we offer, features on the lid the new samurai style logo. In addition they have a brand new design easy grip design and we are offering them in a range of brilliant colours, you can choose from black, light or dark blue, gold, silver, green, pink, purple or red. The Head Chef Samurai Grinder is a 4 part sifter grinder that features a unique easy grip ergonomic design that makes grinding your herbs absolutely effortless, thanks to the set of very sharp teeth that will go through even the toughest of herbs with consummate ease.

Featuring a centre section of the grinder that acts as a storage compartment that allows you to grind up a batch of herb and it is there ready for use when needed. When you want to capture the most potent part of your chosen herb, the sifter portion allows you to capture this, ready for use when needed.

Head Chef Samurai 55mm Sifter Grinder

Head Chef 63mm Blitzer Grinder

We have a wide range of grinders at our web pages and these include flat grinders, electric grinders, acrylic grinders, metal grinders, novelty grinders to bring a smile to your face, wood grinders, sifter grinders and a variety of specialist, branded products too, from the likes of Blitz / Spyral, Clearview, Head Chef, Space Case and Easyleaf, we also sell a choice of grinder cleaners to keep your product clean.

Perhaps our top pick, if we were asked, would be the Head Chef Blitzer Grinder taken from a wide selection of head chef grinders and just in the same way as a top chef would not choose a set of knives of inferior quality, he would neither pick a cheap grinder for cutting and grinding important herbs that he is going to use for dish culinary delights. In exactly the same way he would from his set of knives the chef wants to be absolutely sure that the grinder will do the job it is asked to do each and every time. This is why the Head Chef Blitzer Grinder is the one that is chosen to make light work of even the toughest of herbs, time after time. Large in size this allows for larger batches of herbs to be ground to perfection and it also has the benefit of a clear top which will let the user see exactly what the consistency of the herbs, taking them out for use at the right moment.

When not in use the handle folds away but it is the right size to get a good grip making it easy to grind even the toughest of herbs and spices. We include a scraper to ensure that all the ground herbs are collected from the sifter after they have been ground.

The Head Chef Blitzer Grinder is built to last and with the magnetised and extra sharp teeth, perfect results are guaranteed every time.

Head Chef 63mm Blitzer Grinder