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Stay cool this summer with the Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong

The Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong is perfect for those hot summer days as you can load it up with cold water and ice for a smooth, cool smoke. These budget waterpipes are made from toughened frosted acrylic and feature a sturdy base to prevent spillages.

This bongs ice twist feature allows the neck to be filled with ice, not only cooling down the smoke but also removing more impurities from the smoke, giving you the smoothest, cleanest hit possible. The large bubble base also allows you to put more water in the bong, adding to the cool filtering affect.

The Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong is perfect for those who want an effective bong without wanting to stretch the budget. They are available now for just £19.99 each (please note: colours may vary).

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Chongz Deluxe Dr Death 52cm Percolator Bong

Without question Chongz, we believe, is one of the best and this is also what has made it into one of the world’s favourite brands when it comes to creating quality, high-grade scientific glass bongs, water pieces and other smoking accessories.

dr death bong from chongzChongz have an amazing wide range of innovative, durable and most importantly affordable smoking products to suit all of their many fans smoking preferences, none more so than this piece, it is what we consider to be the ultimate in the Chongz range, they are Dr Death bongs and are simply awe-inspiring.

This cool and efficient percolator bong is made from high quality borosilicate glass, and stands a very impressible 52cm tall, equipped with multiple chambers and for the ultimate smooth and cool hit. To give to you the coolest and best, the smoke is split into the two side chambers, where the diffusers break it up into smaller particles to begin the cooling process. From there it is directed back through the main body of the bong to a third inline diffuser, before it enters the final chamber, where the percolator further filters and cools the smoke.

Featuring a beautiful drop in style bowl, complete with glass handle, you have a choice of six stunning coloured accents to add to the overall awesomeness of this bong. We offer: “The Original” which features blue accents, “Signor Dick” with black accents, “Meat The Loaf” features mint accents, aptly named “blizzard has cool white accents, and finally “Sideshow Rob” has green accents. T

However, perhaps the “daddy” of them all for many is the “Biggus Dickus” with glowing amber accents.

Naturally the bong is finished to Chongz’s usual high standard, these pieces will certainly compliment any collection and provide years of pleasurable service.

Cheeky One Sci-Fi Gravity Recycler

We know one thing for sure and that is that when it comes to making high quality smoking items, Cheeky One are masters of this art, ask any serious smoker and they will agree. This Cheeky One Sci-Fi Gravity Recycler is no exception and we can see this in the high-tech pieces of glass.

You will be sure to get the very best of hits from this recycler, with the inline percolator and recycler system, cleverly designed to filter the smoke or vapour to perfection. We may have experienced the cool experience as we draw the smoke through water, but here it is pulled through the percolator multiple times, giving the smoke or vapour more contact time with water, which you will find gives cooling smoke, just perfect!

Although the bong is fitted with a female 14.5mm pinch bowl, it is simple to covert this to a dab rig with the addition of a nail or banger which can be supplied. Experienced smokers confirm that dabbing is seen as being a healthier alternative to smoking as it is essentially, vaporizing, now regarded as being the best way to consume herbs and essential oils. Vaporizing is believed to be a more healthy way to smoke because it doesn’t carry the risks associated with the combustion of materials, such as the inhalation of carbon monoxide, tar, and other harmful substances.

This is a neat and compact bong measuring 90mm (w) x 200mm (h) x 120mm (d) and weighing just 278g.

Jaxx USA “Fat Tony” 30cm Ice Bong

This bong just shouts quality, this ice bong is manufactured in the USA from high quality borosilicate glass, so it is safe from knocks and you can be assured it will not break under stress from heat. The Jaxx Fat Tony is a straight design, becoming more into favour with discerning smokers, both here and overseas.

Standing on a thick and sturdy base, safe from falling over even though it stands 30cm high, the bong has a diffuser down stem and removable bowl as well as ice notches, just what we need for cooling the rips, thanks to this strategically placed ice. Fat Tony is a new addition to the popular Jaxx range offered by us, this along with the others are decorated with the Jaxx USA Logo all up the main tube, a superb decorative high class, space age aesthetic piece as well as giving one of the coolest smokes.

Why not be the first amongst your friends to experience the coolest of smokes with the Fat Tony, we are sure that it will be followed by many more.

Jaxx USA Fat Tony 30cm Ice Bong

The Mini Traveller Glass Bong

The first thing that may strike you when you pick up the Mini Traveller Bong is that it is very easy to hold by simply placing your forefinger through the circular hole in the middle of the bong, the shape provides a perfect grip. It is compact and very lightweight too, just weighing in at 82g, and with the leather pouch which is provided, this clips easily onto your belt making it perfect for travelling.

But this Mini Traveller Glass Bong is not all about appearance; it is a perfect one hit practical bong for when you are out and about, backpacking or on your holidays.  It is totally airtight with strong rubber O-rings keeping the mouthpiece and the downpipe secure. The glass drop-in cone allows for easy filling and emptying, and it is very easy to keep clean.

The Mini Traveller Glass Bong has everything you need in a bong in one condensed neat and tidy package; we believe it can be described as discreet as well as stylish.

Mini Traveller Glass Bong

Viper Shaped Glass Bong Bowl

This bong has the “wow” factor plus a lot more with the carefully worked glass which makes it pretty special. A quick look will convince anyone coming near to your bowl that they may just think that with the snake coiled around, its head reaching out of the top and those teeth showing, it is just ready to strike you, watch out!

But the Viper Shaped Glass bowl bong is not just a decorative item to show friends. No, it is perfect for giving the hit you are looking for. This glass slide bowl is made from thick, high-quality, borosilicate glass so you will find that it can take a beating in more ways than one. Because the bowl is equipped with a roomy and deep bowl with quite a large opening, we recommend that you use it with a screen to keep debris out of the bong water.

When ordering chose from one of the two sizes, either 14.5mm or 18.8mm glass-on-glass joint, and we are offering two very distinct colours, blue or green, your friendly viper is waiting to give you venomous hits of tasty smoke!


Chongz ‘Rocket Man’ Triple Percolator Glass Bong

Wow this Chongz ‘Rocket Man’ Triple Percolator Glass Bong may, or it may not, send you in to space, but what we can assure you is that it will give you a great smoke  that is certain to give you a cool and satisfying experience.

Cheech and Ching are a great American comedy duo who have won, amongst other things, a Grammy Award and they had a huge audience figures during the 1970’s and 80’s. It is also clear that they have an eye for great design, if somewhat “quirky” and this Rocket Man water pipe is sure to be a big hit with your friends.

It looks like a rocket, with the 3 space rocket shaped percolators that circle the bong, these filter the smoke and also ensure that you have a smoke that is at a cool, comfortable temperature, just what we are all looking for!

Aesthetically the Chongz ‘Rocket Man’ Triple Percolator Glass Bong radiates a purple hue, guaranteed to make it stand out, but it also manages to change colour when in really bright light and takes on a completely clear appearance.

As all serious smoker know, keeping smoking equipment clean ensures that they get the very best experience smoking herbal or tobacco products, and the Rocket Man features a stemless system, which makes it much easy to maintain, with also a removable 18.8mm bowl.

The Rocket Man, along will all the bongs by Chongz are beautifully made, great to look at and easy to use.

Chongz Rocket Man Triple Percolator Glass Bong

Cheech & Chong Sister Mary Elephant Donut Bong

Cheech and Ching are a great American comedy duo who have won, amongst other things, a Grammy Award and they had a huge audience figures during the 1970’s and 80’s watching both their films and stand-up routines.  They are also well known for their routines based on the hippie and free love era, and especially drug and counterculture movements, with emphasis on the love of cannabis.

One of the routines from Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong was Up in Smoke, this is a 1978 American stoner comedy directed by Lou Adler and Cheech & Chong’s first feature-length film, this was and the followed later by their Sister Mary Elephant, which is a comedy skit, probably where the idea for the Cheech & Chong Sister Mary Elephant Donut Bong originated.

This Cheech & Chong Sister Mary Elephant Donut Bong is just as good, in fact classy as our stoner comedy duo, and the bong which if caught in the right lighting or sunshine, will reward you with every colour of the rainbow, thanks to its beautiful fumed glass. The bong stands 12 inches high, and it features a donut hole in the centre which helps to swirl air and smoke coming up from the beaker base.

Another great feature is the mouthpiece; this wonderful decorative feature is embellished with glass globules, something that definitely crowns the bong. Another great feature appears on the base of the bong, two stoned grinning faces, and they also appear on the neck too. The Cheech & Chong Sister Mary Elephant Donut Bong comes supplied with its very own fold-able, leatherette case to protect and carry it when out and about.

To ensure that you are getting a genuine high quality Cheech & Chong piece, each one comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Cheech & Chong Sister Mary Elephant Donut Bong

Chongz Glass Gravity Bong

Bongs or sometimes referred to as water pipes are the way that the serious smoker prefer to enjoy their favourite tobacco or herbal mixture. Some enjoy acrylic whilst others simply believe there is nothing that can come close to the perfection of glass.

Now everyone will have their own preferred brand and will not be persuaded otherwise, but each to his own and throwing a new on into the mix, the gravity bong is yet another method of getting the hit from your smoke. There is nothing particularly new about the gravity bong; it is something that people have been making at home from plastic drinks bottles and nothing more than a bowl or even a bucket.

However the latest big hit at the parties has to be the Chongz Glass Gravity Bong, it does not work differently to the homemade version, but this just has class with the Chongz logo embellished on the front. Manufactured from thick quality glass and featuring a down stem as well as a removable bowl, it also has the benefit of rubber seals.

Simple to use by just placing your tobacco in the slide lighting the tobacco as you lift the kooler and all you have to do is remove the slide, lower the kooler as you inhale the smoke through the stem, getting a massive hit as the kooler drops.

Chongz Glass Gravity Bong

Brighten up your bong collection with the Glass Ray Gun Bubbler

We have known for a long time, a very long time in fact as it was during the time in the 1500’s when water pipes were first invented in China, that this is the clean way to smoke, widely believed to be far healthier than normal cigarette smoking, this is because the smoke from the tobacco or herbs is drawn through water and ice, removing some toxins and tar.

We have a huge variety of bongs in an array of sizes and colours, but one that many people prefer is the percolator bong which provide an even smoother smoke and with this in mind we would like to offer you the Glass Ray Gun Bubbler, this is truly a space age water bubbler that is guaranteed to give you rips that you may think are sending you into a space age world, perhaps just like the space gun! Now we know that space guns are a type of fictional directed-energy weapon, but there is nothing fictional about the pleasure that this particular space gun will give to you and your friends.

The Glass Ray Gun Bubbler has a removable head which makes cleaning easy, and we all know that keeping your bong clean will guarantee good clean smoke every time it is used. Also for that something extra, the glass bowl can be adapted and you can use a dabbing nail for those herbs and essential oils. We can offer a wide range of glass, acrylic and ceramic nails to suit your preference.

This well presented percolator bong is not just a fun looking piece; we are sure that you will not be disappointed with the end result when you load the bowl with your favourite herbs or smoking mixture and savour the delights of this percolator bong.

Glass Ray Gun Bubbler