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Add flavour to your tobacco with Juicy Drops

For many of us the pure taste of our tobacco or herbal smoking mixture is the only thing that we are looking for, but adding some flavouring to our papers can give the smoke that something extra. The Juicy Drops are easy to use, just a few drops onto your Rolling Papers, leave for only a few minutes to dry and then experience the one of the eight exciting and mouth-watering flavours.

The flavourings do not have to be restricted to rolling papers, you can use the drops for pipes, cigarettes, cigars, blunts, in fact any legal tobacco or herbs, only a few drops of the flavouring is certain to change your smoke into a new and tasty pleasure. If you are hooked onto a particular flavour, you can add some directly into your stash bag.

The Juicy Drops are very economical, offered by us at just £2.99, the dropper bottle makes adding just two or three drops to your tobacco easy and each bottle can flavour as many as 100 or more smokes, what could be better. These simple to use drops will allow you to add a touch of juicy flavour to your tobacco, for only about 2p a smoke!

Choose from the 8 juicy flavours of Blue Raspberry, Blueberry, Chocolate, Coconut, Mango, Maple, Peach, and Vanilla, one for each day of the week plus and extra for Saturday or Sunday perhaps.

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